Both guardianships and conservatorships are established for the purpose of protecting people who are not able to care for themselves. Among the most common scenarios are those involving children, the elderly and persons in need of long-term care due to a handicap or an illness. Attorney Steve Minert at Minert Law Office will help you identify the best legal strategies to address your concerns.


Guardianships are frequently established for children whose parents are unable to provide care. Military personnel are required to legally establish a guardian for their children before shipping out to serve overseas. Military personnel are required to take this step due to the possibility of being killed or seriously injured. If that unfortunate event should occur, the guardianship will clearly establish who will take responsibility for the children.
While most people do not want to think about the possibility of not being around to see their children enter adulthood, it is extremely important to plan for that very event. It is equally important to plan for the possibility of having to arrange for the long-term care of an elderly or disabled relative. If the worst happens, who will care for your loved ones?


Very possibly the most well-known conservatorship is the one established by Jamie Spears and attorney James Wallet when singer and songwriter Britney Spears went through a very public breakdown and two separate incidents of involuntary psychiatric treatment. It was clear Britney was unable to handle her day-to-day affairs, so the Spears family intervened. For as long as the conservatorship is in place Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, will be responsible for managing all of his daughter’s financial affairs.

Depending on the situation, an individual may be provided with both a guardianship and a conservatorship. However, this is most common in cases where there is a need to designate a specific individual to care for the finances, separate from the day-to-day care of the person placed under guardianship.

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