Most people don’t realize just how important it is to have a will. The best way to ensure that your estate is distributed the way you wish is through a properly executed will.

Most people don’t realize just how important it is to have a will. It’s an easy task to put off doing. One way to ensure that your estate is handled and dispersed in accordance with your wishes is through a properly executed will.

At Minert Law Office, Attorney Steve Minert will take the time to go over your estate, assets and long-term goals. Steve will help you identify the best methods for achieving your goals, protecting your assets, planning for the care of your heirs, preventing costly tax liabilities and avoiding a lengthy probate process.

Protecting Your Wishes

When an estate enters into probate without a will in place, the court will decide how debts are paid, which assets are sold, who among the surviving heirs will receive a portion of the remaining assets and the size of the estate tax that will be levied on those same heirs. In other words, if there is a specific way you would like your estate handled and dispersed, then a will is an absolute necessity.

An additional advantage to having a legally enforceable will is leaving your heirs with a greatly simplified and streamlined probate process. While a will does not guarantee that probate will be avoided, it does reduce the need for court involvement by making your wishes clear.

Protecting Your Health

A living will is similar to a standard will in that it clearly details your wishes under very specific circumstances. If you should become ill, injured or otherwise unable to make reasonable decisions about your health, then the living will stands as your preferences or directions for life-saving medical treatments.

There are many details that must be considered when creating a living will. Attorney Steve Minert will provide you with the information you need to make an educated legal decision. He will also draft and review a living will that is suited to your concerns, goals and life situation.

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