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Probate can be a confusing process. What is it? How much will it cost. Attorney Steve Minert can help you navigate the probate maze or even avoid it altogether.

When it comes to estate planning, most people express concerns about probate. There are well-founded fears about heirs finding themselves faced with paying a large estate tax or losing certain assets that were not adequately protected. Probate is also a time-consuming and potentially costly process because of the assets that must be accounted for, the bills that must be paid and all of the small details about asset distribution that must be worked out.

Personal Attention and Practical Advice

Attorney Steve Minert at Minert Law Office will help you address concerns about probate while establishing a solid plan for your estate. If a loved one has passed away and you are faced with navigating the probate process, Steve can help. Whether you are looking for help with an estate already in probate or are interested in protecting your own estate from potential problems, Steve is available to answer questions, walk you through the process or manage all of the details.

There are legal tools available to help alleviate the burden on your heirs, protect assets from excessive taxation, clarify your final wishes and simplify the overall distribution of assets. Attorney Steve Minert will take the time to go over your assets, objectives and beneficiary identification. He will build a strategy around your long-term goals and take steps to ensure that your wishes are honored.

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