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At Minert Law Office, Steve Minert can help you with a wide variety of estate planning matters.

At Minert Law Office, we are committed to helping people with all of their estate planning needs. In addition to assisting those needing a will, trust, power of attorney, living will, or probate, Attorney Steve Minert also assists clients needing help with other estate planning areas, including:

Personal Care

Attorney Steve Minert is committed to helping people. He handles each case from beginning to end to ensure that you receive personal service and accessibility. Minert Law Office makes providing consistent support and assistance a top priority and works hard to promptly return phone calls. Steve will take time to listen to your concerns, answer questions and explain the options available to you.

Estate planning is a very individual process. Often, concerns center around caring for loved ones and ensuring that valuables, assets, heirlooms, property and finances are distributed and managed correctly. We understand how important each detail is to you and your family, and we are here to help.

Avoiding Litigation

As an advocate for your family and your estate, Steve will help to avoid litigation by creating appropriate and enforceable estate planning documents. But if your estate or the estate of a loved one is challenged and litigation becomes necessary, Steve will passionately protect and defend his client’s wishes.

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