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Planning for long-term health care is an extremely important part of any estate plan. Even if you are perfectly healthy, plan today who will make key medical decisions if you cannot due to an injury or illness.

Planning for long-term health care is an extremely important element to any estate plan. Even if you, your spouse and all of your children are perfectly healthy today, there may come a time when that changes. If you are unable to make key medical decisions for yourself or your loved ones due to an injury, illness or death, then who will make those decisions for you? How will that person know which choices you would prefer?

Attorney Steve Minert at Minert Law Office will walk you through creating a medical plan that addresses current issues and potential future problems. After listening to your concerns, examining your estate and discussing your long-term goals, we will craft a plan that is specifically tailored to the unique needs of your family and situation.

Health Care Directives

There are a wide variety of options available for legally addressing health care concerns. Establishing durable powers of attorney that name the individual who will make decisions on your behalf are among the most common. Advanced health care directives, commonly known as a living will, can detail your wishes specifically related to issues like long-term life support. However, there are other options more suited to specific situations, particularly when the objective is to protect the best interests of a child, an individual with a disability requiring long-term care or an elderly adult. The key is to utilize the legal tools available in a manner that is best suited to the specific needs of your family and estate.

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