Embezzlement is a kind of financial fraud where a person entrusted with certain assets or property takes those assets or property for his or her own benefit. Some examples of embezzlement include:

  • An investment specialist who takes a portion of his or her client’s funds
  • An employee who defrauds his or her company for personal profit
  • A cashier who takes a portion of the company’s profits

Many times people who are charged with embezzlement are employees who steal from the companies they work for or professionals who steal from their clients. The theft usually involves some kind of fraudulent scheme, either simple or complex.

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If you are charged with embezzlement or think you may be the subject of a police investigation for embezzlement, contact a lawyer immediately. Decisive action by a defense lawyer early in an investigation or criminal proceeding can help improve your chances of receiving a favorable agreement for your case. Like other crimes of financial fraud, paying restitution and other mitigating factors may put you in a better place to successfully protect your rights and resolve your case. Let an experienced criminal defense lawyer at Minert Law Office help put you on the right path.

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