Boise White Collar Crimes Lawyer

White collar crime cases are naturally complicated and require the attention of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Unlike most charges that are proven by eye-witness testimony or physical evidence, white collar crimes often are proven by using financial documents, e-mails, computer files, and other forms of verbal or written communication.

Because white collar crimes are naturally so unique, it is essential that your lawyer have experience handling white collar cases. Attorney Steve Minert defends clients against a wide variety of white collar crime charges, including:

Proactive Intervention

Early involvement in a white-collar crime investigation or arrest is essential. If you feel you may be the subject of a police investigation or have just been arrested, contact Minert Law Office today to put an experienced defense lawyer to work for you.

At Minert Law Office, we have learned from experience that a proactive representation style can be very successful in white collar crime cases. However, we are always ready to take a case to trial when required to defend a client’s rights.

Steve Minert has served as a City Prosecutor for Eagle, Idaho, and a deputy prosecuting attorney for the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office. Steve knows how to effectively negotiate with prosecutors to establish if your case may be brought to a favorable resolution.

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