Harassment And Stalking

In Idaho, it is a serious criminal violation to engage in stalking or telephone harassment. Criminal charges of this type are often issued in situations involving couples having disagreements or who have recently ended their relationship.

Because the state is very worried about events of domestic violence and the chance that stalking or harassment could escalate quickly into violence, you should expect the prosecutor to take your charges very seriously.

Retain An Experienced Defense Lawyer

Do not try to speak with the prosecution on your own. Once the prosecutor has files charges against you, it believes and treats you as guilty. It is unwise to believe that the state will simply accept your side of the story at face value. Rather, they will do their best use what you say against you.

You need an experienced defense lawyer who knows how to talk with prosecutors, look into the evidence against you, and develop an energetic defense action plan on your behalf. Attorney Steve Minert at Minert Law Office can do just that.

Boise Stalking And Harassment Defense Lawyer

Lawyer Steve Minert has the experience necessary to energetically defend your rights. Because Steve has worked as a prosecutor, he knows what prosecutors are thinking, and what they do and do not want to hear.

In addition to handling your stalking or harassment charge, we can handle any other criminal charge you might be looking at, including violation of a no contact order / civil protection order or domestic violence.

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