Battery On A Law Enforcement Officer

Judges and prosecutors take any offense against a law enforcement officer very seriously. If you are arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer, you will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can effectively protect your rights and manage your case.

What You Should Know

If you are charged with battery of a police officer, you must know that the prosecution likely will have a completely opposite view of your actions than you:

  • The prosecution will accept the officer’s version of what happened.
  • The prosecution will consider your charge to be very serious.
  • The prosecution will likely seek serious criminal penalties in your case, including jail time.

Because police are often forced to deal with angry people, the prosecution cannot afford to set the wrong example by appearing too lenient. Even the smallest incident can spiral into something very serious if a strong restraint is not present. Prosecutors and police strongly believe that even the smallest unlawful resistance or act of violence must be handled seriously.

Boise Criminal Defense Attorney

Lawyer Steve Minert brings a unique perspective to criminal cases. Since he has worked as a prosecutor and defense attorney, he knows how to actively manage complex criminal cases. He knows when a plea agreement is fair and when it is not. He knows when to fight a charge at trial and when to proactively resolve disputes to gain the best possible resolution for a client.

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