Eluding Or Fleeing A Police Officer

Fleeing or eluding an officer can be charged as a felony or as a misdemeanor depending on the facts of the particular case. Many people arrested for eluding or fleeing an officer choose not to fight their charge because they think that a jury or judge will not take their word over the word of a law enforcement officer.

However, an experienced criminal defense lawyer at Minert Law Office may be able to bring a strong argument in your defense. If retained, at Minert Law Office, we will thoroughly examine the facts and circumstances of your case-including any police car videos that may be held by the police-to decide how to best defend your rights.

The prosecutor has the burden of proof. This means they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you willfully fled or eluded a police officer. Sometimes a police officer simply assumes the worst and do not give citizens any benefit of the doubt. At Minert Law Office, we can be your advocates and energetically defend your rights.

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