Driving While Suspended (DWP)/Revoked Driver’s License

If you are arrested for Driving While Suspended/Revoked Driver’s License, do not take these charges lightly. Indeed, a person convicted of these charges faces at least two days of jail minimum under the law. Prosecutors and Judges are offended when they see people drive while suspended or while their driver’s license is revoked.

Do Not Negotiate With The Prosecution On Your Own

If you are charged with Driving While Suspended (Driving Without Privileges) or Driving While Revoked, do not try to represent yourself. Let us advocate for you. It is always the safest path to hire a lawyer when your rights and freedom are at stake.

People who try to represent themselves often experience significant setbacks:

  • They accidentally make admissions because they don’t understand the law and what statements are truly significant.
  • They fail to reach a beneficial agreement with the prosecutor-or reach an agreement that has long-term negative effects they may not realize. Afterwards, it can be difficult to arrange a better deal once the defendant hires a lawyer.

The truth is that prosecutors analyze each case very carefully. They weigh the risks of taking a case to court. If you have not hired an attorney, the prosecutor may assume that you won’t take your case to trial. In other words, you have lost all of your leverage.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Steve Minert provides the professional attention that you and your case deserves. Attorney Steve Minert has handled thousands of criminal cases and many criminal trials in his capacity as a defense lawyer and former prosecutor.

If retained to handle your case, Steve will prepare your case for the possibility of trial, and will keep open the lines of communication with the prosecutor to establish if a truly favorable resolution is possible in your case that will limit your exposure to long-term adverse penalties and consequences. Steve can also help you decide if you are able to reinstate your driving privileges and advise on the best way to do so.

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