Shoplifting Charges

If you are arrested for shoplifting, do not plead guilty before talking with a lawyer. You may think it is easier to just plead guilty and maybe avoid the stress and time of fighting your charges, but a shoplifting conviction may impair your future employment chances and bring other adverse consequences you may not consider.

How Can We Help?

At Minert Law Office, your case is handled by a dedicated defense lawyer who takes the time to understand the facts and circumstances of your case, help you understand your charges, and provide an energetic defense on your behalf.

Attorney Steve Minert carefully examines the circumstances and facts of your case to plan the best course of action. If needed, he will take your case to court in order to protect your rights. However, in many shoplifting cases, he is able to achieve a favorable result on behalf of a client without the inconvenience of a trial.

Depending on your individual case, we may to get your charges dismissed. If that is not possible, and if you do not want to take your case to trial, lawyer Steve Minert can seek an agreement with the prosecution that can minimize a criminal record, obtain a plea to a lesser charge, or lessen the penalties you may face.

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