When you were arrested by law enforcement, you may have been shocked to discover that you were being charged with burglary. When people think about burglary, they typically think about a person who breaks into a private home at night to steal property. But burglary is defined by Idaho law in a much more expansive nature. The Idaho criminal code states:

Every person who enters any house, room, apartment, tenement, shop, warehouse, store, mill, barn, stable, outhouse, or other building, tent, vessel, vehicle, trailer, airplane or railroad car, with intent to commit any theft or any felony, is guilty of burglary.
Idaho Statute 18-1401.

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Attorney Steve Minert understands that a conviction for burglary can significantly impair your future employment opportunities. If retained to handle your case, Steve will zealously defend your rights.

To give our clients the best opportunity for a favorable resolution in their case, we prepare meticulously for the possibility of trial in each case. Lawyer Steve Minert has handled many criminal trials as a defense attorney and former prosecutor.

Since Steve has served as a deputy prosecutor for the Ada County prosecutor’s office, he also understands how to effectively communicate with prosecutors to determine if a favorable resolution can be reached in your case without the necessity of trial.

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