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If your son or daughter has gotten in trouble with the law, you can be confident that they will receive a vigorous defense at the law firm of Minert Law Office. Attorney Steve Minert understands the impact a juvenile record can have on a young adult. As a former prosecutor, Steve understands what prosecutors and judges want to hear, and what they do not want to hear. He works proactively to seek a favorable resolution on behalf of each client he serves, with particular attention to issues that might affect the future welfare of juveniles.

Each case at our firm is handled personally by attorney Steve Minert. As a dedicated advocate, Steve takes time to listen to clients, understand their concerns, explain the law, and provide consistent support and assistance throughout the duration of each case. As a skilled negotiator and trial lawyer, Steve provides each client with an energetic defense of their rights. Some of the juvenile charges handled by Minert Law Office include:

Do Not Take Juvenile Charges Lightly

Once a child enters the system, it can be difficult to get out without qualified legal counsel. A juvenile record has a way of following a child and can impact his or her academic and employment opportunities in the future. Juvenile court follows different procedures and rules than adult court – see our Juvenile FAQs page for details. While the juvenile system can be difficult in a number of ways, there are also potential breaks.

In some cases, we are able to obtain an informal adjustment for a juvenile client. An informal adjustment means that a juvenile does not have a conviction on his or her record. While each case is different and no particular result can be guaranteed in a particular case, we do have a strong record of results in juvenile cases.

Expungement of a Juvenile Record

Many people, even some attorneys, do not know that juvenile records can be expunged. Attorney Steve Minert has experience helping clients expunge juvenile records. An expungement is available in most cases after a juvenile has turned 18. Contact a Boise juvenile crimes defense lawyer at Minert Law Office to learn more.

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