Underage DUI

Idaho has especially strict drinking and driving laws that are meant to reduce impaired driving. In order to send a strong message to younger drivers, the legal alcohol limit for drivers under age 21 is extremely low. The legal alcohol limit for drivers age 21 and older is .08 BAC. The legal limit for drivers under age 21 is just .02 BAC. Even a single drink often is enough for the prosecutor to convict an underage driver for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

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If you or your child has been arrested for underage DUI charges, contact Minert Law Office. Steve Minert has successfully defended many clients charged throughout the State of Idaho with underage drinking and driving. Minert Law Office also defends clients who are charged with underage possession of alcohol, also called Minor in Possession (MIP) / Minor in Consumption (MIC). Idaho DUI laws and regulations are extremely technical and require the care of a lawyer familiar with Idaho DUI laws. At Minert Law Office, Steve Minert has experience handling DUI cases both as a former prosecutor and as a defense attorney.

Do Not Expect The Prosecutor Will Go Easy On You Because You Are Young

You may think that the prosecutor will be understanding because you are young. Think again. Prosecutors are often harder on drivers under the age of 21 than on older drivers. The legal alcohol limit is lower for drivers under age 21, and the potential driver’s license suspensions are longer.

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