DUI Drugs

In the state of Idaho, you may be arrested for DUI if your driving has been impaired by the use of drugs. It does not matter whether the drugs are illegal street drugs or prescription medications; if you were driving while impaired, you could be convicted for driving under the influence.

Do not assume that you can simply explain the situation to the prosecutor or judge and everything will be fine. Any explanations you give likely will be used against you in court to show your guilt. You can be convicted of DUI even if you were taking medication prescribed by a doctor. You need an attorney who can properly manage your case and pursue a favorable resolution on your behalf.

If You Have Been Arrested For DUI Drugs Or Prescription Medications

If you have been arrested in Boise, Idaho, or the surrounding area, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Minert Law Office. Attorney Steve Minert has extensive experience with DUI cases and will work diligently to provide a vigorous defense on your behalf. Since Steve Minert has worked as a prosecutor in Idaho, he has a strong knowledge of local courts and prosecutors. He understands what prosecutors and judges want to hear, and what they do not want to hear.

Our Approach In DUI Drug Cases

Our first priority is to examine the nature of your arrest and the strength of the prosecution’s case. To do this, we ask important questions:

  • Did the police have sufficient cause to stop your vehicle?
  • Did the police violate your Constitutional or Miranda rights?
  • Can the state prove that you were unable to safely operate your vehicle?

In a typical DUI case, the state may obtain a conviction by proving a driver was over the .08 legal limit. Even if a driver is not actually impaired by alcohol, the state may still obtain a DUI conviction if a driver is over the legal limit. In a DUI drug case, however, the state must prove actual impairment; they must prove that you were unable to safely operate a motor vehicle because of the presence of drugs in your system. This requirement creates a window of opportunity for defendants.

We utilize scientific evidence, thorough cross examination, pretrial motions (when appropriate) and other proven legal mechanisms to vigorously defend each of our clients who are facing DUI drug charges.

If you were arrested for DUI drugs, the police likely took a blood sample from your body. We can retain scientific experts to examine and question the conclusions of the state’s scientific experts. We may also be able to raise technical defenses on your behalf if the police have made a mistake in the way they handled or tested your blood.

Protecting Your Record, Rights And License

While we are always fully prepared to take a case to trial if necessary to protect a client’s rights, most DUI cases do not go to trial. Like most other criminal cases, most DUI cases are resolved by some form of settlement. As such, it is critical that you have an attorney who is a skilled negotiator. Since Steve Minert has experience as a prosecutor in Idaho, he knows when an offer is fair and when it is not.

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