Drug Possession

Attorney Steve Minert defends clients charged with illegal possession of marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs. He also has significant experience with cases where clients are charged with illegal possession or distribution of prescriptions drugs.

Protecting Your Record, Freedom And Rights

At Minert Law Office, we understand that a conviction for a drug crime can have a tremendous impact on you and your family. Having a criminal record of any kind is never a good thing, but a conviction for a drug crime can have a particularly strong impact on your future employment opportunities.

When we represent a client in a drug possession case, we work diligently to determine if there is any way to help our client avoid a criminal record. We leave no stone unturned in our effort to achieve the most favorable result on behalf of each client we serve.

Common Issues In Drug Possession Cases

Drug possession charges may arise in a number of contexts, including:

  • Discovery of drugs after a traffic stop
  • Discovery of drugs incident to an arrest
  • Discovery of drugs during the execution of a warrant

In each case, we ask key questions to determine if the police have followed proper procedure.

  • Did the police perform a valid traffic stop?
  • Was a search warrant supported by proper cause?
  • If drugs were seized after an arrest, was the arrest supported by probable cause?

Through a careful examination of police procedure and all evidence in the possession of the prosecution, we provide each client with a thorough case management style that has yielded powerful results.

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