Drug Distribution

The state of Idaho aggressively seeks to prosecute persons charged with illegal distribution of drugs. If you are charged with drug distribution with intent to deliver, drug trafficking, illegal drug cultivation or manufacturing of drugs, it is critical you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will energetically defend your rights.

Experienced Trial Attorneys

Since prosecutors take a hard line on drug crimes, it is important that you are represented by an experienced trial attorney. Even if you want to settle your case by a plea agreement, your chance of gaining a favorable plea deal is strengthened if the prosecutor knows you are represented by an experienced trial lawyer who is ready and willing to take your case to trial if it is needed to protect your rights. Attorney Steve Minert is an experienced negotiator and trial attorney. Steve has handled thousands of criminal cases and many criminal trials in his capacity as a defense lawyer and former prosecutor.

Protect Your Rights

Drug charges are often supported by questionable evidence, which may include evidence seized because of an illegal search and seizure, audio or video tapes that are difficult to decipher, and testimony of confidential informants that have questionable credibility. As an experienced defense lawyer, Steve knows how to successfully poke holes in the prosecution’s case to seek a favorable outcome on your behalf. As a dedicated advocate, Steve works hard to find the best results for each client he serves.

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