Drug Charges

Minert Law Office defends clients in Boise, Idaho, the Treasure Valley, and the surrounding areas who are charged with drug offenses. We handle all drug charges, including:

Experience That Makes A Difference

As a criminal defense attorney, Steve Minert has experience defending clients in drug distribution and drug possession cases. Before becoming a defense lawyer, Steve earned valuable experience working as a prosecutor. As a defense attorney and former prosecutor, Steve has been involved in thousands of criminal cases. In addition to his broad knowledge of the law, Steve enjoys a good reputation with local prosecutors and courts.

Protect Your Rights

When defending a client in a drug case, a number of issues must be examined:

  • Did the police conduct an unconstitutional search or seizure?
  • If the arrest involved a traffic stop, did the officer have a valid basis for the stop?
  • Did the police have probable cause for an arrest?
  • If a search warrant was issued, was it supported by probable cause?
  • Was the search warrant validly executed?
  • Did the police read the defendant his or her rights?

After thoroughly examining the case, at Minert Law Office, we develop a legal action plan to seek the best possible resolution on behalf of our clients. We look to see if grounds exist for a motion to suppress evidence obtained in violation of a client’s constitutional rights or even dismiss the criminal charges. While we prepare for trial, we also keep the lines of communication open with the prosecutor’s office to see if a favorable resolution can be reached short of trial.

In some situations, a favorable result can mean an agreement that allows a client to avoid having a criminal record. At other times, a favorable resolution can mean minimizing criminal penalties. At Minert Law Office, our mission is to put our clients in the best possible position to move on with their lives and put their criminal matters behind them.

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